RIP Vida

Studio head shot
I learned a lot from this woman.
I learned to never wear scuffed shoes.
Hire help if you’re having a big party.
There’s nothing wrong with a baby nurse.
When trying on clothes at Sak’s 5th Ave, you don’t have to hang things back up on the hangers. (That’s what the sales people get paid to do).
A couple of Manhattan’s before dinner is all ya need.
If you spill food on your clothes while eating start wearing gold lame bibs that match your ensembles. Sometimes it really does get cold enough in LA, so a full length mink coat is the only thing that will keep you warm.
If you have white carpet, you must have white couches.
I didn’t always see eye to eye with her and I’m still pretty certain she thought I was from the wrong side of the tracks, but as I have aged and wised up, I can now appreciate the way she lived life to the fullest, while embracing  the good and shrugging off the bad.
My hope is she dancing with her beloved somewhere in heaven.


With her husband enjoying a drink.
With a friend on a yacht in Marina del Rey

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