Vintage Samsonite Folding Chairs Get a Makeover

A few months ago, I got a call from my friend and former neighbor Kirsten, asking me if I was interested in taking her vintage Samsonite folding chairs off of her hands after they shockingly DID NOT sell at her yard sale!  What is wrong with people?  How could they not see the beauty and potential in these guys?

Okay, I admit…it might be hard to visual a good outcome with these guys, but I could see they were quality made and I liked that the back had padding for fabric.  I thought they would look very cute.  Or course I searched my trusty Pinterest Chair Board   ( Chair )  for ideas and inspirations.


I knew there would be spray paint and fabric involved.  I had lots of cream colored spray paint from a previous project so a trip to Ikea was called for in order to get some fun fabric.
Since I’m a sucker for polka dots and orange, this was actually a no brainer.


After some sanding, cleaning, de-gunking and lots of stapling, here is the first one all finished!  I love!  I think they’re so cute you don’t need to store them!  I added scotch guard to the fabric in case their future owner wants to put them outside.
So, I’m now off to finish the other three and then look for these for sale at the Queen B Vintage Studios Etsy store!  (Vintage Furniture Housewares Art Fashion & by QueenBVintageStudios)

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