Friday’s with Frank and Oscar

I just finished reading a great book on Sinatra called The Voice, written by James Kaplan, (Frank was the original Voice people…not that goofy show on TV).  The book chronicles Sinatra’s life from childhood until he wins the Oscar as Best Supporting Actor in 1954.  The win goes down in history as one of the biggest comebacks in the history of Hollywood.Before Frank won the role of Pvt. Angelo Maggio in From Here to Eternity, he was broke, everyone hated him,  no one wanted to hire him to sing, let alone act and he had just attempted suicide after the love of his life, Ava Gardner gave him the boot.  

Myth has it the Mob had something to do with his Oscar win.  The movie  The Godfather is pure fiction according to The Voice, which chronicles the work and the talent that got Frank the part and ultimately the Oscar.
Here he is accepteding the award from Mercedes McCambridge at the 1954 Oscar Ceremonies, hosted by none other than Donald O’Connor!! , who gets a big kiss from Frank.  Love it and his acceptance speech! Watch and enjoy.

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