Hawaiian Images on My Mind

I’ve been officially home for three days now and I’m still kind of on “Island Time”.  Of course going through the images I captured of Oahu, I am instantly taken back and feeling those warm tropical breezes, the liquid heaven of the ocean lapping against my toes.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Los Angeles.  I love that my skin has been sucked dry and people know how to drive…(sorry Hawaiians…but seriously.).

Anyway, a few of my favorite moments.

Honolulu is a big city…so different from the when I was there as a 16 year old. 
The trees….like Africa..only I’m in Hawaii.

Palms…from the front of our studio apartment.

A view of the property where we stayed.  We had the tiny studio but it was heavenly.

I got obsessed with getting a pic of this flower.  The wind kept messing me up.

um…hello color

The leap from the rock at Waiamea Bay

A big beautiful home on the canal of Waialua Beach

A Buddhist temple at Waialua Beach

A beautiful woman on the beach observing the waves at Sunset Beach.
Can you say ‘sunset’?  The best in the world.

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