Getting Lost

We got lost a few dozen times yesterday traveling from Honolulu back to the North shore. The fault lies a lot at our rental car GPS system lady. She had a hard time pronouncing all the kaha, lei, luas….etc. We weren’t very good at it either.

So we started at Waialae Beach (spelled right, don’t ask me how to pronounce), ended up in Kailua,(ki-lu-a), where the President vacations. It’s unbelievably beautiful, but not even close to the North Shore.

We finally wound up at an official looking military base where a very fabulous Marine gave us simple, concise and easy to follow directions home, using numbers! Take Exit 11. We were good soldiers followed our serviceman’s sage advice and got home. On the way we came across this amazing beach, with a lighthouse in the distance and monumental imposing green cliffs falling into the ocean. I grabbed a few shots off the iPad.

I have been to Oahu four times now and never got to see this side of the island..I feel so lucky that we got lost. Aloha!






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