Weekend Getaways Are Good For The Soul

The LOML and I started a three week vacation on Wednesday.  Boy, could I get used to this!  We stayed at the Hotel Del Coronado for four days (click here for a preview) and had an amazing time.  San Diego really gives LA a run for the money.
On a whim we decided to stay one more night and came across this little place.  The Inn at Sunset Cliffs!  Wow.  I felt like I was on a Greek Island. With views of The Pacific right out our door and delicious outdoor furniture, we alternately took naps and gazed at the scenery. The little motel had a garden to die for and along with the azure blue stucco of the building, it was just breathtaking! . Ocean Beach has a fabulous walking path along the coast, which we took advantage of. I snapped some pics, but they don’t do the place justice. Looking forward to going back. Next stop though… Hawaii!!!!!aloha baby!


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