Happy Mother’s Day to My Mom

I grew up with a MILF.  I know it’s kind of a gross acronym, but honestly if you had seen my mom circa 1975 when she was at the peak of her beauty, you would agree with my description. It wasn’t easy as a pudgy, little girl with freckles, glasses and shyness, but as I grew up and came to embrace my own looks, however different from my blonde bombshell of a mother, I came to appreciate and yes,  admire my moms beauty.  In fact I’m proud of it. She’s taken care if herself and aged beautifully and that’s good news for me.  I won’t go into how crazy and neurotic she was/is as that’s for another type of blog!  Besides I have a theory that most beautiful women are a little wacky…
WHY you ask? Because…they can be!
Anyway here’s a quick pictorial of
Zella Lee Mullkey Bell Paysinger.
(She also had an American Indian name, but sadly can’t remember it).

With her little sister on Orchard St. in the early 40’s
3 generations Part I
Mom, Dad and GTO 1972
Her grandson
My aunt, me, my Great Grandma Mary and my mom Eufala, Oklahoma 1968
Three generations Part II
Another groovy outfit

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