Big News: Saying Good Bye to The Little Cinderblock House

In the last 27 years, I have only moved three times.  I went from mid size, to big size to minuscule.  I am not a big ‘mover’, because I get attached to a house.  I have posted a lot about the Little Cinderblock House and I even entered it into a Small Cool House Contest! (it actually got a few votes too!) The house, with all it’s funky funkiness, charm and maddening defects is almost like a member of the family.  I love it for it’s quirks, charm and challenges.  It sits on the Chandler Bike Path in my hometown of Burbank and while it has been a fun, fabulous place to live the last couple years, a new little house beckons.  The memories of this home have been wonderful.

The good news is, we’re only moving about a mile away and a half a block away from the fabulous Bike Path.
We’ll still be able to walk the Corgi’s, stroll our way to dinner in Magnolia Park and come July, have a a great view of the local fireworks on the 4th.

Our new little house it tiny too, but it’s got a huge (compared to our postage stamp) yard.  Visions of a jacuzzi and and outdoor TV with a nice long wood dining table are making me very happy

Of course the new house is going to need all sorts of work and there is NO dishwasher, but I love making a home, so I’m looking forward to the move.  Life is all about change and adaptation to that change.

In the words of  George Bernard Shaw
“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” 


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