DIY Abstract Art Rothko Edition

Part Two of my abstract art journey! Part One can be found HERE.  I had a canvas that I painted over numerous times, layer upon layer of testing paint.  I finally decided to bring it in and use it as a piece of art, for reals!

I wasn’t satisfied initially with how it looked.  I was trying to go a little too literal and make it like sky, ocean sun.  It wasn’t working, so I went more….well….abstract!

I was inspired by one of my favorite artists, Mark Rothko.  There is a whole gallery of Rothko’s at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Los Angeles.  I snapped a lot of pics the last time I was there.

I love his work because it’s so soothing and meditative.  Although it doesn’t look like much at first, the more you gaze upon his stuff, the deeper you go, layer upon layer.
Here is my homage to the master!  It’s in the same room as my Franz Kline, so now instead of calling that room the kid/guest room, I think I should call it the Abstract Expressionism Room!  Anyway, it’s perfect for a bedroom, looking from your pillow it could lull you to sleep.  I likey!


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