Record Cabinet Redo in Orange and White

One of the many cool pieces I got a few weeks ago at the Estate sale in Burbank was this little cabinet.

Now, to most it looks like a broken down piece of ugly furniture.  To me, I see cute little legs and funky doors.

But the real reason I bought it was because it is a record cabinet!  I’m a sucker for records.  I still have my collection from the 70’s and 80’s and I love the album art!  I just thought this piece had hope!

Hope despite the grime, scratch and deterioration of most of the shell.

As I often do, I went to my trusty Pinterest and ran a search where I found this baby to use as my inspiration piece.
From Relish Small Pleasures
After a lot of sanding, priming and spraying, I am close to the finished product!  This baby has been quite a challenge because there is glass involved! I thought about leaving the glass out, but I think it will look very cool with the panes.   I need to do some touch ups, install the glass and add the two vintage brass pulls that I had from another dresser I had refurbished.  

Here’s a quick snap shot, work in progress.  I will post when she’s all done, hopefully by the end of the week.


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