French Bulldogs, Pugs and Ferragamo Shoes That Don’t Fit

The packing and shipping never ends!  With both of my daughters living in London and Brooklyn respectively, there has been an ongoing onslaught  of packing sorting, packing, shipping.  I would just like to know…. when will they make a decent Scotch Box Sealing Tape! ?  (3M Scotch Premium Packaging Tape w/Dispenser (Google Affiliate Ad)  One that doesn’t constantly need tending to so that it doesn’t stick back on the roll?
Anyway, on to more important topics, both girls left my house with lots of boxes full of thrift shop clothes, Ferragamo shoes, in tiny feet size 7’s so I can’t wear them and best of all their art! It’s like Christmas discovering one of their unseen pieces.  I came across this little diddy today while packing things headed for Brooklyn and daughter #2:

A cubist style painting of a dog walker in NYC!  Well, sorry Calli, this one is staying on the west coast and is getting home up in the kitchen for now!

I think she was inspired by one of my photographs taken in the West Village of New York a few years ago.

What a great scene this was.  The pug in the walker was adorable, alas a dog wheel chair is probably a pain in the neck to paint, so she took artistic license!

Not to be outdone, I also found a portrait Daughter #1 created of Daughter #2 posing with our  Corgi Henry.

This one makes me laugh because Caitlin not only captured her sister, but the worried and concerned look on Henry’s face is pretty much spot on!   Case in point!

I guess the portrait should go to the subject, but since Henry lives with me, it’s staying here too.  for now.  Anyway, enough of this….Back to packing and arguing with the tape dispenser.


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