Sneak Peak Estate Sale Finds

I have a lot of great items coming up for sale.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon an estate sale a few blocks from my house.  I scored a lot of goodies.
As you can see from the back of the truck, I was loaded up.  It might look like junk to the untrained eye, but to me…it’s treasure!

Here are a few sneak peeks.

Matching set of cane rod iron bar stools.

A matching wood bar!  Yowza!  This one is a keeper and a project for the LOML!

A beautiful vintage chair with new upholstery…a matching ottoman and couch too!

Groovy vinyl high backs.

A rod iron patio set!

A record cabinet!

OMG my obsession with bar carts continues!  Brass and wheels?  Perfecto!


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