DIY Concrete Planters. Not as Easy as it Looks.

I had this big tub of plaster of Paris.  (don’t you just love that name?   Plaster of Paris!).   Anyway, I had it for all sorts of reasons, that I won’t go into, but needless to say, I had a lot, it was cheap, I wanted to use it for something.
Then I saw this link from one of my favorite bloggers,  Jenny from Little Green Notebook, which was all about how she was inspired by a Better Homes and Gardens post regarding ‘Making Your Own Concrete Planter’.  Both looked very intriguing and fun.  I loved making molds in my 2D class in college and thought I was up for the challenge.  I didn’t have concrete, but seeing that I never follow instructions, I figured Plaster of Paris would be just fine.  I mean, it’s called Plaster of Paris.  How could I go wrong!?
So, like all of my other concoctions, I worked in the Little Cinderblock House kitchen.  Because I hate the ugly white tile and I feel justified in making it worse, so that I can eventually replace it with the cool Butcher Block at Ikea.  But, I digress.
I actually read the instructions on the BHG site and got all my stuff together.
A bowl for mixing, a can for opening for plant, cooking oil.  Yes, cooking oil.
I mixed the plaster according to the directions.  It was actually kind of like making pancakes.  Lots of mixing to get rid of bubbles and such.  (don’t worry, I promise if you come to dinner at my house, I won’t cook anything using these utensils/bowls/dishes).
I put the mix in the bowl.  The placed the can in the center.
When it was all dried…after about an hour, this was what it looked like.  Yuck!  I tried to pry the tin can out of the mold, but had no luck.  I decided it just need paint to look cool.
I was wrong.  Nothing can make this look cool.  Nothing.
I tried to separate the can from the mold and this is what became of it.
Hmmm.  Maybe I will paint it as a rainbow and celebrate it as my homage to marriage equality.  For now, it sits in my palm planter awaiting orders.
I then decided I needed a cooler looking mold.  So, I went to the local thrift store called Helping Hands for Animals, that by the way helps animals in need, so please check them out!  I found this little guy in the kitchen ware area.  SCORE!
I mixed my concoction together and this time I added a little grey paint to simulate the look of concrete.
Then I sprayed with Pam.  Who needs all the brushing of the cooking oil when we have Pam?
The mold came out kind of cool, except for the gaping hole at the bottom. Alas, that can be fixed with a tray.
So, I went ahead and sanded it, then planted some spare succulents.  I love succulents because I cannot kill them no matter what I do.
I think it looks cute!  (Guess what EVERYONE I know is getting for Christmas next year!!!).
So my next experiment is using actual concrete/  I bought some at Osh today, mixed up the formula.  5 1/2 part concrete powder to 1 part water.  Do they know how confusing that is to 99% of the planet?
Anyway, it made a delicious looking batter!
I decided to use a red party cup just for a different look.  I wish I had added a little more concrete mix.  We’ll see.  
Stay tuned for the final results.


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