New York City Subway Dwellers

Scenes from the MTA…New York City Subway Station People, Places and Things

Being a native of Los Angeles where the only time I ever use public transportion is….well….actually I never use it, but I have always been fascinated by other city’s systems.  In Los Angeles we get inside our little steel cubicles, (cars), turn on our sound system and enclose ourselves off to the rest of the world.  I can drive a hundred miles in one day in Los Angeles and not make eye contact or get near another human being the entire time.  Now, sometimes, I like this fact!  And believe me when sitting in traffic on the 101, there can be a feeling of complete claustrophobia.  But there is nothing like sitting on a subway or waiting at the platform.  You just cannot check out from the human race no matter how hard you try, and since the subway is particularly exotic to me, I don’t even try.

I like looking at the people, the structures and the subway dweller sculptures that pop up in strange places.  There is always  entertainment too!  Some of it very odd and uncomfortable, but some of it is amazing.  I happened upon a mariachi band who sounded so beautiful I wanted to weep!  Their world weary faces touched me.  I wish I had recorded more than the visuals of that moment, but alas, it was very spontaneous.

So many things can happen in a subway station, here are just a few shots I took one random spring day while waiting on the train.  Now, I’m off to get in my Toyota and run errands.


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