Thrift Shoppin

Yesterday was my weekly Thrift Store crawl and I came across a few great things that have been listed in my store.  Check often for updates as I haven’t finished posting everything yet.


Anyway, while searching for treasure, I am always amazed at the weird, wacky and wild stuff I come across in the midst of a cool mid century modern wood credenza.  So, with iPhone in hand I decided to document some of the items I come across.  I might make this a regular feature as there is always plenty of material whenever I go thrifting and it always amazes and amuses me.




This little guy is just…..creepy.  Faux Chinese dogs are not okay.



But not as creepy as this.  Those eyes are killing me!!  Where and why and how?  So many questions.  I don’t want to know the answers.







There is never a shortage of bad art, but this was exceptionally HUGE bad art.  It’s hard to tell in the pic but the larger piece was about ten feet by eight feet!  And there were three more behind it.  Where would you hang this?  In a Motel 6 lobby in a Lincoln, Nebraska suburb?  (Actually it probably came from the very close  Reseda, California !  I’m being an art snob…I know) 

However, this ‘art’ did effect me.  I  made me want to go all Franz Klein and pull out a black can of spray paint..just to avante garde it up!  I held back however…they were priced at $300 each! WTF?







Cubist clown art?  Why?







Even more frightening and adding to my Clown Phobia (it’s a real condition people…don’t laugh), we have Portrait of the Artist as a Weird Aging Clown.






At the Salvation Army in Canoga Park there was a collection of portraits of woman in various dress and appearance.  Somebody had a lot of models in their studio.  Sadly, the artist was no Peter Paul Ruebens.


Trying for sexy, looking more like finishing up on the toilet.  I’m sorry, it’s true!  So sue me.




Who is this?  A Blossom wanna be?  What’s with the elbow and hand.  Go back to art school!



Okay, I have to admit, I like this one.  She reminds me of a 70’s boozy MILF who hung at a Sardos in Burbank, smoking Pall Malls and picking up younger totally inappropriate men.







I actually liked this litte water color.  It was signed by the artist, had a nice frame and had been in a gallery in NYC!  Well, ain’t that special.  Plus I am sucker for boat and ships art ever since I saw Good Will Hunting years ago.



I’m also a sucker for big ugly lamps.




This one was a big as a pony!  Why do I want it?  I refrained though, don’t worry. I’m already working on selling another big old lamp.




Sometimes I come across really beautiful furniture that is so beat up, it makes me sad.  I really like this vintage desk, but alas, I’m already supposed to be working on furbishing a huge industrial metal desk for the LOML, so I had to let this baby go.




Another piece I think I will fix up and make fabulous, but will struggle with.  Really though who would not want a faux wood, vinyl bar?  C’mon, it’s Emerald GREEN vinyl.  Paint it white, and you’ve got your outside TIKI bar.


And the back had groovy gold glass cabinet sliders, a florescent light and another cabinet.  Alas, the very bottom of the Formica was completely broke and beyond my skills.  I hope someone sees it and snatches it up!



Another one I liked even though it sort of looks like a cabinet one would store their S&M equipment.  (Not that I know anything about that kind of stuff, I only read the first few chapters of  50 Shades of Grey before I opted out by the bad grammar).


This one was cool until I saw a tag on the back that said WALMART!  No Made in CHINA for 

Queen B Vintage Studios.




This looked like a winner.  A very cool wood mid century modern dresser from Hartman Furniture of Chicago.  I like.






For some reason, I like this fabric.  The couch had been attacked by a wild cat however….or a small Corgi.



Possibly the ugliest couch ever made.  AND there was a matching love seat.


I love club chairs, especially on WHEELS.  This guy though was missing cushions and the fabric looked like a shower curtain.





I have to refrain from buying weird little things like this.  Is it the Capitol Building or the Vatican?  Either way it had really rancid perfume in it at one point, so it had to go.



I also like to buy personalized items…so I have to really think about it.  Just because it says JACK and my son is named JACK doesn’t mean I need to buy a weird animal water color of his name.




This was kind of cool.  A Thermos kit and carrier.  Very hipster with it’s plaid and faux wood motif.  






I wanted to by this for the LOML, since he’s a Minnesota Viking fan, but not sure he is a ‘dancing strings’ fan.



I just like the title of this album.  Cocktails in Manhattan.  Yes, PLEASE!









And last but not least…Be sure to “Clean Up After Your Wiener”  You know, how messy they can be and hamburgers are becoming appalled at this lack of hygiene as you can see by this t-shirt.




Well, that’s it for this Version of Thrift Shoppin!  More to come…trust me there is never a lack of material out there.














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