Vintage Poster Collections

I love vintage posters.  Ads, movies, public service, travel!  They all had a poster hyping something.  Above are a few random posters I found appealing on the site
Free Vintage   Did I mention they are FREE??  Okay,  seeing that the site itself has the word ‘free’ in it, I guess it’s obvious.   Anyway, my goal is to print up a collection of 6 get my trusty Mod-Podge in gear and glue them onto a piece of wood for hanging.

I really like the travel posters, but the sports posters are cool too because they different locals in them.

I think I’ll do a collection of California posters.  These are so fun!  I love the Hollywood poster on the top middle.  The poster on the left looks like the San Fernando Valley!  Imagine that?  Anyway, these are so fun and amazing.  Can’t wait to get started.  I’ll post pics when it’s complete!


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