Repurposed Map Table Gets a New Home

I have had this hair pin metal table for a long time.  It used to be white and it used to have glass for the table top.  Over the years, the glass broke and it got rusty.  It sat in the garage lonely and sad.  When I moved to the Little Cinderblock House, I re purposed it in the spare bedroom.  I spray painted it light blue..(shhh, I didn’t even sand it or primer it!)  Instead of getting a new piece of glass I just topped it with a frame Picasso print.   Do not judge!   It worked for awhile, although it was always a little precarious.  You couldn’t really trust that anything that was set upon the makeshift table top wouldn’t come tumbling down and all bets would be off.  Anyway, I just needed a table and in all the hoopla of moving and setting up a house, I just didn’t have time to deal with the darn thing.
In the words of the immortal Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard, this piece was “ready for it’s close up”…Well, almost.
I just liked the simple lines and geometry of this table.  That’s why it never went to Goodwill.  Plus, it’s old.

I measured the top and decided to just get to particle board cut to size.  I then did the proper thing and sanded and primed.  I went with the same color spray paint because frankly that’s what I had.
I painted one side of the particle board to match the table.

Here is a pic of the particle board pre-paint.  Henry is so nosy.  I put this down to photograph and he has to walk over and plop himself down right in the picture.

and then take a nap.

While preparing a care package for my daughter Caitlin, I came across an old map of Scotland.  Thanks Cait!  This was going to get Mod Podged to the particle board.  I like the colors and I like Scotland.

I had to trim up the map a little.  It was in a sorry state.

But it was worth it, because it’s really cool

My favorite!Plaid-Craft CS11303 Mod Podge Matte Finish-32 Ounces (Google Affiliate Ad)

I always use a crummy little brush when I Mod Podge, because half the time I forget and don’t rinse.  The brush is then a goner.   Anyway, I poured the Mod Podge and brushed.

I then let it dry and then plopped it in to the insert!

Of course, even though I measured the opening 53,243 times, it was off by micro millimeters.  So I sanded.  And then I ended up hammering the damn thing in.  This table top isn’t going anywhere…EVER.
I originally had a vision of where I was going to put my finished product.  My first thought was my kitchen where I have this old Home Goods cabinet.  The cabinet is black and is falling apart.  The door won’t shut and the knob is missing.

Plus you can see all my paper/plastic bags through the glass.  The shelf insert (bottom right), will not stay up when it’s inside.

It is handy for mail and pens and stuff….but sometimes it gets out of hand and full of junk!  How many junk/catch all areas of your house can you have?
Plus, it blocks the door to a much need cabinet and drawer.

So, I put the little blue table in it’s place.  And………………………..

It just doesn’t work.  *sigh*.  I thought maybe it needed some height so I added my bamboo plant. It’s tall, but……….
I had one other options and that was my little bathroom.  When I say little, I mean little, but since the table is very light and not bulky, I thought it might work.

I always need counter space in the bathroom because I have a pedestal sink.  I LOVE it.   I can’t wait to light a candle and have a glass of wine while taking a bath.  Now I have a place to do such things without worrying about broken glass and a house fire!

Anyway, it’s in the bathroom.  For now!  The key to re purposing items, is flexibility.  I’m always willing to forgo what I thought would work for what works.  Good times…I’ll get the bubbles and water running ASAP!


One thought on “Repurposed Map Table Gets a New Home

  1. I have a few OLD maps and had to take a look. It’s cute and I’m a hairpin nut too. I have an frame without the glass top. There’s a pallet sitting around that I believe I can Upshabby into its top. 🙂 Thanks for the kick in the backside!

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