Asian Inspired Cabinet Revealed!

Remember this guy?

I found it on the sidewalk of a neighboring house and promptly got the truck and loaded it in!   My sweet neighbor came out while I was packing away my treasure and proceeded to give me the back story on this piece.   It’s from Heritage Furniture and it was her aunts.  She always had to ‘have the best’, she said.   It was a piece from the 60’s and the original owner had cut out the back so she could place her TV inside.  This was the 60’s when TV cabinets were all the rage.  I like that the owner of this piece was forward thinking enough to create her own.  My neighbor almost seemed apologetic about getting rid of it, but she said she just didn’t have room any more and never used it.  I assured her, it’s new life would be fabulous and glam!

Here it is!  It’s almost done save for a few touch ups here and there.   I gave it a red/gold and black shabby chic finish.   I actually think I’m going to keep this.  It’s such a versatile piece…(the gold and black doors detach and can be reversed).  Not sure where I will put it, but I’ll think of something.  Or maybe I’ll sell.  Decisions, decisions! Anyway, I like!


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