It’s National Pig Day!

Let’s face it.  Pigs are magical creatures.  Not only are they smart, adorable and clean…they are responsible for bacon.  It is an important day when we can come together and celebrate pigs.
Here are 18 reasons why pigs have a national holiday.

They look good with flowers in their hair.

They are inquisitive

And proud.

They are fashionable.

They are sly.

They are hard workers.

Two pigs in a pink basket are better than one.

They like going on walks with friends.

And they like to swim in plastic kiddy pools

They like to daydream.

They come in all colors

They have many uses besides bacon.

They are super cute as stuffed animals.

And cushions.

And balloons

And VW buses and toy cars.

There are lots of ways to eat pigs.

And cookies.

And fancy cakes.

They’re good parents

They make friends easily.

Ron Weasley has one.

George Clooney had one before it (and he) was cool.

They can be old school rock-n-roll…just ask Linda Ronstandt.

They are the subject of my favorite childhood book.

And a super fun movie.

So on this day it’s important to acknowledge the Pig in all it’s amazing glory.

Happy National Pig Day!

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