Emerald Green Strikes Again! Side Table Happy About It.

Okay.  It’s official.  I am now officially obsessed with the Pantone Color of the year for 2013; Emerald Green.   It’s true I am such a sucker for trends, I admit it~but, in my defense, it really is an absolutely beautiful color!   It looks so great with in so many pallets. colors…black, white….orangepink….yellow!

So, when I remade my bamboo chair, I bought three cans of the Rustoleum Emerald Green paint, knowing I could use it in many many ways.
Plus, I still had a lot of gray primer.

This little baby was just screaming for some color.  I liked the woven top and it was very solid and structurally sound. 

When I got it about a year ago at a thrift store in Ventura (for the life of me, I cannot remember where it’s located),  my daughter just needed a side table next to the bed, so I bought it (for $6.00), shoved it in her room, covered it with a scarf and promptly let it go.

And then!  I knew it was time.

Here it is in all it’s ugly glory.  Dull, chipped and sad.

  1. clean
  2. sand
  3. clean
  4. flip and spray primer
  5. flip and spray primer on top
  6. flip and apply green
  7. flip and apply green on top

Finally!  Give it a new home.

And here it is.

Love it with orange and gold.  

Looks great with my faux Franz Kleine!


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