Shrines to My Kidlets

I actually do not have ‘kidlets’ anymore.  I have what’s known as ‘young adults’, Generation Y or Millennials.  And being of their era, one lives in another city, one in another state and one in another country.  I love that they are all three adventurous and willing to do more than just go to Cabo or Aruba for spring break.  They aren’t tourists….they are travellers.  And like all good traveller, sometimes you just  want to stay where you visit and actually embrace that life.
Such is the case with my two older daughters.  My son, thank goodness, is a true California Boy, so I’m hoping Malibu will be the extent of his move.
In any case, being an empty-nester, I like having reminders of the kids around me.  True it’s not the same as when they were little.  Books, clothes, toys, friends, scattered about the house, but I do have my shrines set up for them.  These are not only pictures, but things they have created, books they have read, people they have been touched by.
I’m actually in the process of packing up some of my girls ‘stuff’.  Since shipping to the UK and/or New York ain’t cheap, its been a slow process of sending little packages when I can.

I have sorted a bunch of their stuff on the bed in the ‘kids room’.  Here is a partial pile of things that need to go.

I came across some things that I can’t bare to part with, so I’ve made a little shrine one the dresser…one of many I have.  I love looking at it and thinking about the three amazing three people I have had the privilege to call my kids.

My little girls…when they were little and a JK Rowling postcard.  Rowling magically transformed them into readers!

My eldest is a European History major…can you tell by her books?

My Neighbor Totoro!

My first born…who is now 25 and living in London.  Was she ever this small?

The large black and white photograph is a shot I took of my baby surfing in the Pacific Ocean.

Well, enough of memory lane.  I am off to go get boxes!


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