Jonathan Adler Style Lamp Re-Do

So I had this funky fruit lamp I got at The Salvation Army for $5.00. I tried to sell it ‘as is’ because frankly I thought it looked
cool and kitschy in all its tacky gold and painted 70’s glory. Alas when I kept lowering the price without any interest I realized maybe I was the only one who really liked this thing and since I’m trying to move away from
my natural instinct to have a house that looks like it stepped our of 1974, I decided to keep it and update it.

off topic but really I’m sorry for the crappy quality. Does anyone else have a problem with the iPhone camera?
I love Jonathan Adler’s kind of Palm Springs glam style so I went for a clean white look just to keep it simple. I think it worked out pretty well with the fruit! It’s 70’s Vegas
Liberace-esque… In a good way. 

Since I don’t have the time or inclination to get a lampshade, it’s going to go outside for now and just be a lamp in all it’s lamp glory without a shade to enable it!  I like it for now…I think I’ll keep it…


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