Styling a Bookcase Part 1

I have a great bookcase I got at the Ikea seconds department.  For a mere $100.00 I became the proud owner of this beauty!

The problem (if you can call it that), I had with it is, it’s too big!  The shelves are deep and spacious and it is sturdy!  Yes, even for Ikea.  But that’s because it was already assembled when I bought it so I am positive the Ikea wizards put it together…if I had done it….well can you say collapse?

Anyway, it was over flowing with books and knick knacks and stuff.  It sits by my front door so it was a catch all.  It was also one of the first things you see when you walk into the the Little Cinderblock House, so I wanted to fix it.

I had to let go of some books.  Yes.  I am a book hoarder.  I admit it.  I decided to let about half the books go to the Goodwill.  I was able to rationalize this purge because I thought of all the people the books would go to that would enjoy them.  Books are gifts passing through our lives.  We keep the words in our hearts, but sometimes the actual physical has to go.  I kept my art books and books that had some sentimental value to me though.

So first off I  divided all the stuff into categories.

1. Big Books

2. Accessories

3. Art

4. Records and old record player
  This is a small number of my records….I gave up the books!  Don’t expect me to give up the LP’s!  The cover art of most of them got me through junior high!

5. Fabric covered boxes for photo albums and DVDs

6. Small books

So I started by adding the heaviest stuff first.  The record player and records along with the larger box went on the bottom shelf to anchor it.

Next I added the big books.  I placed them  on the middle shelf and placed them side ways.  I know, I know…books are not meant to be put on their side, but they’re my books and I’ll do what I want with them!  (yes, I’m defensive about this.).  I also added the three smaller books just to kind of even it out and make it work for the accessories that were going to go on top of each pile.

Next I added the medium size books both straight up and down and side ways.

Next up the art.  I have this beautiful original watercolor created by my daughter, Calli, so I thought my Roxy Music cover of semi clothed hot women would be a good match!  Gotta love the female form!

The water color went up on top next to the smaller books.  The album cover I hung, then added one of the boxes behind it.

Next to the album cover went some more books… and a Japanese welcome kitty.

Some of the accessories were added.  My mom’s original Bob’s Big Boy doll from the 50’s, my two red bugs, a wood owl and a vintage Mexican drum.

I topped all of this off with an original painting by my other daughter Caitlin.

Then put this vintage piggy bank.  The LOML had this in a box somewhere.  Not it’s a cool piece of art.

Just for fun, I added this old photograph of the fabulous amazing Steve McQueen to the side of the bookcase.  It’s what you see when you first walk in.   I call him our guardian.

Finally…here is the finished product.  Some of the accessories didn’t make the cut and I’m sure I’ll be fiddling with this as the days/weeks go by, but I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.  Up next, is a small book case in the living room and one in the kids/guest room.  I love doing these!  I think the basic advice I would give to anyone wanting to update their bookcase is …edit edit edit.


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