Back Alley Bamboo Chair Made Over in Color of the Year

I found this chair on the street, brought it home and promptly got harassed by the LOML.  He said the chair was ugly AND it smelled!  He was right!  It did.  And that was just the beginning of this saga.    I didn’t take it personally though.  He is an amazing man, but he doesn’t have my vision for trash!  It’s a gift…I know.  LOL  So,  I just humored him and said, ‘ok, I’ll put it back in our alley’…but I knew it wasn’t going anywhere, smell or not.

After having this for a few weeks, however, I was starting to doubt my clinging.  It was a total mess.  Lots of the leather straps holding it together were gone, some of the slates were missing and the back had a piece that was broken.  I wasn’t sure if I could fix it.  Well, at least it didn’t smell anymore….(sort of).
Then I got inspired by good old Pinterest.  I followed a link and found Kristin F. Davis Designs and I KNEW it could be done.  She’s brilliant and I loved her use of the Pantone Color of the Year 2013 Emerald Green.    Granted her chair was in a lot better shape than mine was, but hey..she paid 20 whole dollars for hers and mine was free!
Here is Kristin’s bamboo chair.  Love her choice of leopard skin.



I love it and now the LOML will be eating his words! HA HA.  The only problem is you just cannot look too close at this piece.  I didn’t really fix all the structural problems with it, but since it’s going to go outside, I think it should be fine.  Even though there were some broke slats, it was still sturdy.  I tested by sitting in it while holding my fat Corgi Henry.
I bought two pillows and the coverlings at Ikea for $35.00.
The emerald green paint was $5.50.  White primer, I had.
Total_ $40.50

This will be very useful outside all during the coming spring and summer!  Plus I get to say, “I told ya so!”  and that is priceless!


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