Confessions of a January Cure Drop Out

January is close to being over and my attempts to follow the January cure with Apartment Therapy were somewhat of a success, at least for me.   I came to the conclusion that there is no possible way I was capable of following this kind of thing with diligence and discipline.  If I was diligent and disciplined, I wouldn’t need the cure in the first place!

Anyway, it was not a complete ‘fail’ as I was able to take care of some big issues in my house.  It does feel really good to clean, purge and renew parts of your home.  I have only lived in the Little Cinderblock house for a year and a half and yet, I had all the same issues I had with my previous house that I had lived in for fifteen years!  I have also found that the bigger the house, the more rooms you have to hide your messes!  I would just close doors and not set foot in certain rooms of my old house!  With only 900 square feet, that is NOT an option.  Every square inch is necessary, both inside and out.

So, it’s all relative.  Even though I only did a small percentage of things suggested by the cure, they made a big impact on my home and the way I feel in it.

Here’s what I DID do.

Cleared out the red bookcase and got rid of a lot of books.  This was tough for a book hoarder like myself, but it really looks a lot better.  Next to the bookcase the LOML hung a nice black rustic coat rack from Target.  I then used an old black painted chair covered with vintage Ralph Lauren fabric to hold a tray and my purse.  Shoes underneath.  I like it!

There is always too much change in the purse, so here’s a little bowl I got years ago in Chinatown in San Francisco, a vintage bird tray and a plaid pillow.

Cleaned out yet another book case and because my Corgi likes to take shelter from her very stressful existence behind this chair, there was  A LOT OF FUR on the furniture, the baseboards, the floors…even the books on the green book case.  That fur is insidious!  I need to shave her, but she’s so cute with her winter coat on.

If you look close you can see here butt!
Next stop was the vanity where I keep my make-up, perfume and jewelry.  I threw out a lot of old make-up that was looking pretty sketchy.  Kept my good stuff.  My favorite perfume “Highline” by Bond NYC.  Smells like green grassy pastures!
Some of my jewelry and a pic of the LOML as a Burbank RedDog, my baby Jack in a boa and Jackson Robert Donald with his grandfathers.  Last but not least, but official Kate and William coffee mug my daughter Caitlin brought me from London!
Tiki Jack and lipstick
Finally the medicine cabinet complete with a chalk board to send love messages!  And reminders!  (take out the trash and move your car!)
I did do some other good stuff, that I didn’t document, but all in all it was a good experience.  Little things do make a big difference in making a house feel right.  Okay I’m off to make my bed NOW!

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