Smoothie Lovin’

I haven’t been able to post much the last few weeks because I’ve been kind of all over the place with two of my kids.  My son Jack went off to the Philippines for a month to work with a great organization called Waves for Water  that distributes water filters to rural communities on the island. Oh, and he’s going to surf.
My daughter Calli is back in New York City…Brooklyn to be exact to start her life, her career..her destiny.  If she can make it there….well you know the rest.

Anyway, I’ve been pretty good on one of my new year resolution.  You know the ‘loose 15 lbs’ resolution that I probably share with 90% of the planet on January 1st every year.

I get off to a good start every morning with my protein and fruit smoothie.

It fills me up until late afternoon.  Here is the recipe.

1 banana
4 cut strawberries
hand full of blueberries
4 leaves of kale
bottled water
2 scoops of Trader Joe’s Whey Protein powder

Of  course everything tastes better in my Big Lebowski glass…..Seriously, be careful man.

Meanwhile…..this is what I have to look at all day……It’s hard to get things done.


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