January Cure…It Ain’t Easy

The Apartment Therapy, January Cure is only five days in an already I was behind!  Until this morning when I finally got cracking and vacuumed and mopped my old school parquet floors.  I loved these floors when I first saw them, but now….not so much.  I do have to say however when they are clean and polished, they do look rather charming.

Anyway, yesterday (Day 4) I was supposed to just sit still in a corner of my room and observe the space for ten minutes.  Not gonna happen…but I sat for about two minutes and looked at my iPhone, so I’m counting that.

Today, (Day 5), I was supposed to pick something on my “To Do” list and just photograph it for a before shot.  This was a piece of cake, because I like snapping pics and not actually working/cleaning.

I decided to clean out/make over my medicine cabinet in my bathroom.
Here are the before pics.

I also had to go on Pinterest to check out any ideas that might inspire me to have and OCD style medicine cabinet, and of course…there was lots to choose from.
Here are my favorites.  The top two are courtesy as the Queen herself…Ms. Martha Stewart:

swoonmagnets in the bathroom. those tins so many use in the kitchen for spices or the craft room for supplies can be used in the bathroom for things like pony tail holders, bobby pins etc. use hooks to hold cuticle scissos, eye lash curlers etc.     Slide a piece of precut galvanized steel behind the shelf in your medicine cabinet. you can always paint it to match the inside of your medicine cabinet.

This one is great, thanks to Inspire, Design and Create because not only is it adorable, she gave me distinct instructions on how to make my ugly cabinet look this good!

I’ll post the after pics, when Apartment Therapy gives me the okay!
Here are my before pics… Kinda intimate but, oh well!


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