Sugar Salt Scrub DIY With Kelli

My friend and fellow blogger Kelli Abrahamian and I decided over Twitter, no less, to make a sugar/salt scrub Kelli had read about on great green DIY blog written by Shaina Olmanson,   called,  Food For My Family.  Kelli is an amazing cook and expert foodie who shares fabulous recipes and entertaining inspirations on her blog I Had a Delicious Time.
I like to be entertained and I like to eat, so we were a match made in heaven!

We decided to try something a little different then food, since I am no cook, so we made a ‘ginger infused coconut oil sugar scrub’.  We decided they would make fun stocking-stuffers AND we could use them ourselves on winter skin.

We followed the original recipe pretty closely, but added and subtracted to make it our own.  We made enough for 10 mason jars.  After doing the difficult math involved…(uggg)…..we came up with a variation of the recipe found on Food for my Family. 

Here is the original
1/4 cup coconut oil
1 tablespoon ginger, coarsely chopped
1/4 cup cold-pressed oil (tea seed, jojoba, sunflower, or almond oil)
3/4 cup granulated or turbinado sugar
1/4 cup kosher salt
1-4 drops essential oil (I used lemongrass)

In a small saucepan over low heat heat the coconut oil and ginger pieces. Continue heating for 5-10 minutes until ginger scent and juice has transferred into the oil. Remove from heat and press through a fine mesh sieve or through a coffee filter.

While the oil is still warm, mix together with cold-pressed oil. Stir to combine and allow to come to room temperature. Stir in sugar and salt. Scent with essential oils as desired. Pack into a container.

To Use: Massage into damp skin and allow to sit 2-4 minutes. Using a washcloth covered in warm water, steam over face or stand in a steamy shower for a minute. Using the wet washcloth, wipe excess from skin. Rinse and repeat until oil is washed away.

Makes approximately 8 ounces sugar body scrub.

Copyright © Food for My Family.

Kelli and I used grape seed oil
tea tree essential oil and orange oil essential oil.

The result was delicious and wonderfully healing on the skin.  I used it last night and this morning on my face and it feels fabulous!

Hope our friends and family enjoy it as much as I enjoyed collaborating with Kelli in making it!

Our little helper..Just in case a piece fell to the floor…she was there to retrieve it!

The dry mix.

Why do I love mason jars so much?  They’re so cute.

The finished product!

Basically this is all there is to it!

Ready for gifting!!


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