My Small Attempt to Explain Newtown

I’m just so sad today thinking about the horrific murders in Connecticut. I have yet to put on the news this morning because it’s almost too painful to even read or hear anymore. 

I cannot for a moment imagine what the parents of the children who were killed are feeling.   If it’s overwhelming for me, a random stranger, the grief of those directly affected must be beyond description.

Beyond the politics and the calls for someone or something to blame, there are real people whose lives are shattered and altered forever. The surviving children, who must live with the visuals and sounds of the day.  About three years ago while driving on Mulholland, I was the second person to come upon a fatal car accident.  I got out of my car to see if I could be of some assistance.  I will never forget the death and carnage I saw.  It haunts me to this day and left me shaken for quite some time afterwards.  As an adult I struggled with this trauma.  The idea of the children who saw and experienced much more makes me nauseous, sick and worried beyond belief.  

And then, I weep not only for the mothers and fathers of the children who were killed, but the brothers and sisters, the grandparents, the aunts, uncles, cousins. The neighbors, the babysitters, the piano teachers, the soccer coaches….ad infinitum, because one life touches so many.  Even a small young life…especially a small young life.  
I cry for the teachers and administrators who committed their lives to the service of kids and went to work expecting nothing more than the usual routine of  Holiday Elementary School goings on…you know, things like the Holiday class party,  a Christmas craft perhaps to take home to mommy and daddy.  Maybe trying to fit in the Friday spelling test and a read aloud time.  Just an average day…blown away by an evil man. I don’t care how or why this monster did this. I care that we call me him what he is. Evil. Not sick, mentally ill, autistic.  There are sick, mentally ill and autistic people everywhere who would never in a million years even consider pointing a gun at an innocent child, looking in their eyes and pulling the trigger.  It is an affront to those who are afflicted to consider it.  Please call it what it is… Evil.

Before I become overwhelmed with the horror and ugliness that one person can bring into the world, I must remember the goodness in the world.  The heroes.  The teachers who shielded their flock.  The first responders who got to the scene and took care of business. The doctors and nurses in the ER rooms charged with trying to save children.  The country I live in as a whole, who is suffering and is heartbroken because we are a deep and caring people.  A President, whom I am not a huge fan of, but who I saw trying to comfort us, while probably reacting like all of us would…as a parent, holding back tears.  The wisdom of the words of my Facebook friends…the comments have been so heartfelt and beautiful.  We are an amazing people, despite the evil among us and the good will outshine the dark.

I end this post with this pic. It says so to me and brings me comfort.  On this day I hope it does for you too.  From the brilliant and wise..Fred Rogers.


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