Merry Corgi Christmas

I cannot tell you how long it took me to get these two to agree to pose together, but let’s just say, in dog years it was a looooong time.

A lot of people have dogs that adore each other.  They sleep together, they snuggle together and when one passes on to Dog Heaven, the other one walks around lost with a heavy heart.

NOT MY DOGS!  These two can barely stand the sight of each other.  It’s a testament to their general good natures, that they don’t just rip each other to pieces and have a fight to the death!  They usually ignore each other, but if there is food involved, it can get ugly….An early morning tussle over a stray kibble sounds like a den of wild hyenas!  The teeth and gums come out and the low growls start.  I would have included the cat, Winston, but he can’t take either one of them, hence the kitty Christmas ornament will have to suffice!

What weirdos!  So every year I MAKE THEM take a Christmas picture together.  It’s almost as bad as it was when my three kids were little.  Getting them to pose was not an easy task.  Luckily I can bribe the dogs with food..the kids….not so much.

So, here is the 2012 Christmas photo of Henry, aka CH. Foxfires Henry Doodles O’Connor and Queenie aka, The Bitch, in all their Christmas glory!

Happy Holidays from 
Queen B Vintage Studios!

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