5 Fabulous Fun Christmas Party Themes for 2012


It’s that time of year for parties parties parties and not just a run of the mill Christmas party will do these days.  Here is a list of some unique, fun and fabulous ways to celebrate the season!

1. Tacky Sweater Party:
      Everyone shows up in their tackiest, goofiest Christmas sweater.  I think this guy could win a prize!  Guests don’t have to spend a fortune dressing for the party either.  A quick tip to a Goodwill or The Salvation Army will prove to be a treasure trove of tacky!  Have guests vote for the  #1Tacky sweater and then give away a prize, post on Facebook and make your winner famous!!

This guy is a winner!

2. Christmas Through the Decades

    This is a fun type of costume party where everyone can pick their favorite era and then go to town in the Christmas spirit of their selection.  If you want something more specific, try narrowing it down to a 50’s Rockabilly Christmas, a 60’s Hippie Christmas, a 70’s Funky Christmas.  Of course their is always the beloved 80’s era.  (I don’t know why…I lived the 80’s and they were UGLY!).  Anyway a neon 80’s sounds about right and you can just go to American Apparel if you want a costume!! 
Here are some inspirations from decades past!

Love the zebra print!
Don’t smile in your plaid blazer.
Don’t take a shower for a week before the party.

Beaver Knows Best
3. White Christmas
     On the other spectrum of tacky there is this idea.  White Christmas is a beautiful and elegant way to celebrate.  Guest all wear their best winter white.  A big plastic white Christmas tree with silver ornaments would look amazing. Candles and white Christmas lights make it illuminating.  Of course play lots of Bing Crosby and play White Christmas on the DVD as background.

A little over the top…but what the heck!

White Christmas Table Setting

4. Christmas Movie Festival
   Break out your classics and even some new stuff.  Of course the grand-daddy of them all is It’s A Wonderful Life, but that’s just the beginning.  A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, Elf and my personal favorite Love Actually!  Keep it to less than five to avoid happy merry movie overload.  And if you want to spice things up, ad a drinking game.  Take a shot whenever someone says “Christmas spirit” or when anyone in Santa garb is on the screen.  I think the background singers in this video from Love Actually count!
5.  Christmashanukwanzaa Part
   The world is one big melting pot, so why not include everyone in the merry making?  A Christmashanukwanzaa Party covers everyone…and you can always add you own such as Festivus to the mix!!  Make sure you have a tree, some dreidels and a kinara candle holder for Kwanzaa.  Festivus would include DVD’s of Seinfeld and a Festivus pole!!
No tinsel…No problem

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