Portrait Photography and Why I Love It!

Some of my friends who read this blog might know that besides buying and selling vintage clothes, furniture, housewares and refurbishing old furniture at Queen B Vintage Studios, I also am a photographer.  (PS I have my real estate licence too, in case you want to buy/sell your house!!).  I know…I need to pick one, but I LOVE doing all of the above. 

Anyway, photography has long been my first love.  I had the chance to do a few weddings in the last couple of years and although the pressure to get it right is the highest in the wedding biz, I loved doing it! 

I have also done Senior Portraits,  Family Portraits, Kids Portraits,
Animal Portraits and everything in between

Last week I had the great pleasure to take head shots of a lovely young woman who is pursuing a modeling career!  I get such a kick out of doing head shots.  Looking at image after image of the same face at different angles and lighting, makes me feel like I’m looking into a person’s soul.  After awhile I get to know every facial plane, every light in the eye, every quirk of a person.  Anessa was no exception, other than her beauty…which is of course…exceptional!

Here is a few of my favorites and a link to my image gallery 

Teri O Photo.

Just remember…I do holiday portrait too!  Will work for coffee and a low sitting fee!! LOL

And just because I’m a sucker for black and white….this one is my favorite…


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