Pinterest Success Story Part II

 I love the site Pinterest, because they post things like this….

 Hot chocolate Cake anyone?
Pinned Image
Looks yummy!  

When you actually compare the two, you see, it’s not so easy to make a successful Pinterest!

My past pinterest escapades have been relatively least the one’s I’ve posted.  I won’t go into my attempts at painting mason jars and baking Disney cookies….

But, I think this one worked out pretty nice for the Thanksgiving Table this year.
Here is the original Pinterest inspiration pin…

Dollar Store vase, branches/pinecones from yard, thrift store for thanksgiving or xmas
I thought it looked easy enough and cheap!

and here is my results!!
I think it turned out nicely. 

This actually only cost me $3.00!
Here is the cost break down.
  • Tree branches painted gold-free w/ extra spray paint I had
  • Pine cones-free with extra spray paint I had
  • Glass vase-I had this in the cabinet
  • Candles-$1.00
  • Xmas Lights-$1.00
  • Plastic snowflakes-$1.00
  • Poinsettia-Free…the lady at the Do It Center let me take some scrapes from the shipment of poinsettias that had just arrived!

Everything else I already owned.  Love it!

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