Thanks a Lot! Thanksgiving DIY

I love Thanksgiving!  It is absolutely my favorite holiday. Why?  Because it’s all about gratitude.  Oh, and FOOD….and you don’t have to buy any presents….and it’s only ONE day unlike Christmas which is now an entire month!

Anyway, I’m looking foreward to my turkey, my stuffing and my family.  Here are a few things you can do yourself to make the day joyful, fun and yummy!

Super cute and easy to make..gobble gobble indeed.
Thanksgiving SIgn

Lovely (and cheap) Table Decorations

Amazing Mantel…or decorate your credenza or bookshelves with
Dollar/Thrift store plates and stickers???  I kid you not.   Some people are brilliant!

Thanksgiving Mantel

A drill, a log and some candles…sounds like something even I can do>
Log candle centerpiece

A Kid’s Table  that I want to sit at.  I don’t see why this can’t be an ‘adult table’ idea, but here ya go!
kids table

Okay, this looks delicious!  I might have to run out and buy myself a deep fryer just for the occasion!
How to Deep Fry a Turkey

Why is pumpkin anything so tasty?  I think it’s because pumpkins are ORANGE!
Pumpkin Pie Pudding…oh my.

If you’re having a big bash and need people to sit where they’re told, check out these cute easy place cards.  I always have a ton of pinecones by the end of winter…now I have an idea for them.  This would also be cool to label dishes so people know what is what.

Hand painted plates again!  Dollar store, here I come….(again!)
marian parsons handmade thanksgiving table settings hgtv design happens design blog

Lots of fun with this one.  Large or small frames with painted chalkboard.  Use it like this as a menu announcement, or use it as a greeting.marian parsons handmade thanksgiving ornate chalkboard frame thanksgiving entertaining holiday hgtv design happens design blog

An last but not least…something I need to always remember every day, because every day is like this…


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