9 Best 70’s TV Show Sets

I watched a lot of TV as a kid.  I mean A LOT!  Luckily it was the 70’s and the stuff being shown back in the day was pretty mild, especially compared to what is aired today!  I had my favorite shows for sure and the thing I always remember about those particular shows is the the fashion and the sets.
I LOVED the sets.  I see now where I got much of my particular aesthetics in the design arena.  Here are some of my major influences and why I love them.******************
1. Laverne and Shirley
First off, I gotta get this out there;  Penny Marshall had a rocking body!  My goodness, I really just noticed it while looking for pics of the set.  Anyway, I digress.  I loved these Milwaukee single girls basement apartment.  It was a one bedroom below street level, but it was open and flowed really nicely.  I wanted the arched front door!  On a side note, part of the set is now being used on the Two and Half Men set.  Love that recycling is part of Hollywood business models!  The blue couch with pops of orange and that orange lamp!!  Plus,  how can you not love the L on everything Laverne wears?


2. Mork and Mindy.
Probably the dumbest concept for a TV show ever!  I liked it anyway.  I didn’t mind Robin Williams at this time….now….not so much.  Anyway, Mindy’s hair……  So cute!  But I also loved her apartment.  I want the yellow Formica and the stools!  In her living area she had two nice club chairs and wicker coffee table!  The girl had good taste in design, bad taste in men/aliens.
3. Rhoda
So, Rhoda was the best friend who also happened to be a department store window decorator.  I wanted that job so bad!  Anyway, Rhoda lived in this crazy colorful apartment complete with bean bag chair (in orange), plaid drapes, and a graphic on the wall that is timeless.  etc.   Plus, that lamp….I’m speechless it’s so amazing.  Rhoda really was the hot mama of this the MTM show IMO.
rhoda apartment
4. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
But there is no denying Mary Mary Mary had it all.  Great clothes,
 ( I want her dress!), an amazing job and the coolest apartment ever!  Look at the yellow egg chair.  The couch!  The bookcase.  The white type-writer.  And of course the iconic M on the wall.  Even the beige shag carpet looks cool!  The kitchen was always intriguing to me too.  I never noticed until now, there is a wood burning fireplace in the corner.  Good for the cold Minnesota nights.
5. The Bob Newhart Show
Bob and Elaine lived in a urbane sophisticated apartment in Chicago.    From the art on the wall and the wild rug, Elaine knew what she was doing.  I also always loved their bedroom with all the books on the case behind their bed.  To my adolescent brain, that meant they were smart!  If you watch Bob Newhart, you know…I was right.
6. The Brady Bunch
Well, no list can be complete without this house.  Even though the entire set was amazing, I always loved the kitchen.  The avocado green and burnt orange!  The wood cabinets and that table with the tulip chairs.  Lord help me.  No wonder Alice was happy working as an underpaid servant.  Look at that kitchen.  *sigh*























7. Three’s Company

Whenever I have a lot on my mind and just want to sit back and watch something really silly and mindless, I pull out the old Three’s Company DVD set.  This was truly such a happy place for me.  I know at the time it was sooooooo titillating.  Two girls and a guy all living together!??? And the guy had to pretend he was……wait for it…..GAY?  Because living in sin was worse than being gay in 1978 I guess.  I never understood the whole premise, but I loved it anyway!  Besides the cool apartment and the fact that Jack could cook, I always wanted to hang out with the gang at the local watering hole, The Regal Beagle.  I almost want to get a beagle just so I can name it Regal!  I did name my son Jack, by the way, but that’s another story. 1160342685 247292

8. Welcome Back Kotter

I couldn’t remember what Mr. Kotter’s NYC apartment looked like, but I do know that I wanted to be a Sweathog just so I could hang out with these guys……..

Here is the one pic I could find of Mr. Kotter’s cool little flat.  I like it! WBK5 Seriously….who wouldn’t?

9. Bewitched.

I confess, this show bugged the hell out of me.  First of all.  What is wrong with being a witch Darren Stevens?  Second, why would Samantha marry someone who didn’t accept her as she was? Hmmmm?  So, she didn’t want to slave all day to clean your damn house and she used a little witch craft to make things more comfortable for you!  And who wouldn’t want Paul Lynde’s head popping out of a pot in your oven.  Jeez.  Last, Endora was possibly the coolest most amazing character ever on TV.  I loved her and wanted her to be my mother. That being said, I really liked Samantha’s house.  The french doors, the green shag.  The couch I own today is very similar to this one in the second pic.  The third pic is from a later episode with some very nice updates.  Check out the statue next to the fireplace.  Very nice design.   Too bad she didn’t marry a warlock and be done with that dope.


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