Dog Shaming Blog-Monday Morning Make Me Laugh Like Crazy Post

I came across this blog called this morning and looked at the whole darned thing!  Tears streaming down my face from the hysterical ways people deal with the shennanigans of their canine companions.  I am so glad I am not the only person who has ‘bad dogs’!   Laugh or else ya cry the saying goes, so here goes with a little of my own dog shaming for those two rascal Corgis I tend to.

This is Zadie. She is camping. She does not appreciate potatoes on the ground. She also barked at an onion that fell on the floor. I suppose she just doesn’t like discarded produce.

I dismember snowmen cuz they’re creepy! xo Lucifer 
They left my crate open.

I decapitated Cinderella -Kora Lee

little mafia dog wanted some concrete shoes.

After I poop, I wait for my human to tie up the poop bad. Then I poop again.

Here are my own two submissions.


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