Trash to Treasure

Thrift stores, junk stores, salvage yards, trash cans and street corners.  Everywhere you look there are items just begging to be re-used or re purposed.   Not only is it economical, but it’s great for the environment.  So here are some ideas to not only help your pocket book and Mother Earth, but they’re easy and fun to make.   

(Click the after pics for links on ‘how to’ make your own.)

old suitcase
Cat Bed Step A

to cat bed
Cat Bed Step O Finished2

Altoid cans
to business card holder
Keep In Touch

beat up file cabinet

to tool organizer

old globe

to painted globe (click the photo to see what the entire globe says!)

soup cans

to succulent planters

thrift store ‘art’

magnetic make up board

black fire pit

to re purposed table lamp

mismatched dishes

to cake stand

old trophies

to a coat rack

old door
door to entry bench

to hall tree bench

old TV cabinet

to children’s play kitchen


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