Words to Remember

Some people seem to rejoice in their anger and bitterness. They seem to disdain happiness and love and joy. It’s truly sad. For those consumed by bitterness remember this quote by Buddha

Rejoicing in the beauty of life and love is to be celebrated, not denigrated. How twisted the mind can get to forget that basic tenant of human existence.

Shouting happiness from the rooftops should be the ultimate goal of us all.

It is not inauthentic to want to share this with the world. It is however inauthentic, pathetic and sad to judge it as fake or forced. One must pity those who claim good as bad because they are broken.

The words below is how I have chosen to live my life today.  I truly believe in love and happiness and that the world is a beautiful place.  And for that, I am forever grateful!

And in the end since you can’t change people who are so entrenched in their unhappiness and bitterness and pain, remember this.


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