Pinterest Success Story!

When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I knew it was something I could do. 

I’ve been collecting jars and had a nice pickle jar.  They’re as good as mason jars AND they come with pickles!

Then as I was driving home the other day, I cut through the alley and viola!  I came across some already cut pieces of wood in the trash.  What?  Trash!!??…don’t these people look at Pinterest!???

So, I painted all three, even though I only had one jar.  Trust me though, there will be more pickles….soon, very soon.

I got my wire and wrapped it easily around the jar.  I added two screws to the wood.

The Final Result

The funnest part was buying flowers.  I wanted yellow and sadly Ralph’s only had mini carnations, but I think they’re cute.  

This is hung on the side of my kitchen window, so it’s a lovely addition to my sink area.  Can’t wait to do the other two.  I’m thinking baby blue and maybe black!  What did I do before Pinterest?  I was throwing away perfectly good pickle jars and avoiding alley trash at all costs.  Little did I know what I was missing!  


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