Little Cinderblock House DIY Dilemma

I have been in the process of re-making the front yard of my Little Cinderblock House for …..oh…….about six whole months!  It takes a lot  more time when you’re not paying professionals to do it all for you.  First I had to trim the trees, second, paint the trim, dig up the grass, knock down the ugly brick wall… get the idea.  It just never ends.

I had big goals and thought it would only take me a weekend, maybe two.  The problem is I watch too many HGTV make over shows and look at Before and After blog posts way too much.  You know what I’m talking about?  Where the front yard and house looks like this…..

and within a half hour or a click of a mouse, it looks like this.

well, that isn’t the case with me.  I started looking like this…..In desperate need of a paint job

after the paint job.  It’s not too bad, but still needs work.

and then, here is where it gets tricky.  I got a wild hair one sunny afternoon and decided to lay out my slate stones for my walking path.  No, I didn’t level it…what do you mean?  No, I didn’t put sand underneath so the stones would be secure….for goodness sake….details, details.  So, even though it looked pretty cute…..

It was a lawsuit waiting to happen.  It all needed to be re-done.   Oh what a mess it is now!
Yes, it now almost resembles the run down shack like the one in the first pic of this post,  but….all is NOT lost! The cement walk way is gone, thanks to the LOML and his trusty jack hammer.  We have scouted out the NEW path, and the plan this weekend is to lay the stone the proper way…not the Teri way.  I’ll be sure to post, when (and if) it gets done!


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