iPhone Cases Galore!

I just ordered my new iPhone and I cannot wait to get it!  My old one is cracked, the ringer doesn’t work and I cannot adjust the volume!  It has had it.

I waited until the new iPhone 5 came out, but after reading about some of the glitches, I decided to just get a new iPhone 4G.  I mean, I all about Team Apple, although I’m not as crazy as the people in the Samsung commercial.

I gotta give Samsung credit, as that is a great commercial…(and so true)!!   But, hey, I’m sticking with my first love…An iPhone.  I just don’t want to pay $200, even with an upgrade.  I would rather use it on a brand new cool iPhone case!  There are so many out there right now.  Here are a few of my favorites and a link on where to buy them.

What is your favorite?  Leave a comment and let me know.

Wood iPhone Case, Handmade iPhone 4 Case, iPhone 4S Case Moss Green and Walnut Wood iPhone Case, iPhone 5 Cases Coming Soon
Green and Walnut Wood

Lenticular Speaker iPhone Case  #UrbanOutfitters

I Like You. iPhone Case
I Like You
It's in the Water iPhone Case
San Francisco

Pug Illustration for NEW iPhone 5 Case


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