It’s Getting There!

Remember my 70’s cabinet I got from the Salvation Army?

Yeah, that one…..

Well, it’s on it’s way to a whole new make-over.  I went with Martha Stewart Cement Gray Paint.  I love Martha more than I can say…and I’m not afraid to admit it!!  She rocks!  You know I read somewhere that she only sleeps like four hours a night.  This is why she has time to make crafts, a decorate her home with origami and succulents and have lots of fabulous luncheons at one of her many homes.

Anyway, I digress.

Here is the progress so far.

The ugly fake brass hardware got scrubbed, primed and painted a really cool gold.
I’ll be done by tomorrow!!  This one is going fast now that I have a system and some good tools.  I really have to hand it to the KILZ white spray paint primer.  It’s so worth going out to Walmart in West Hills to get it cheaper.  I bought it in bulk because it just makes things go so much faster and more efficient.  
When this baby is done, I will post!


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