Color Theory, Design and Football

The Love of My Life is originally from Minneapolis, so he is a die hard Minnesota Viking fan.  He has not one but two Viking tattoos adorning his body. 
This is what I see on his bicep! Can’t complain.
Since I’m a native of LA, I don’t have a real NFL team to root for.  (sorry but the Raiders are horrible this year so they’re out).   I like Aaron Rogers because he’s very cute and self deprecating on the insurance commerical,  but if I rooted for Green Bay, I might find myself newly single as the Viking fan is supposed to loath the Packer fan.  I’m slowly learning all the dynamics and politics of football! 
All the talk of football inevitably brings me to the colors of the uniforms.  Why?  Because I’m a girl and I like clothes!!  And I find them all very fascinating.  Have you seen the Seahawks color combo???  
Wow!  Neon green just never goes out of style!!  Even the shoes are neon green.  Awesome!
The entire NFL has really cool color palettes, like the above mentioned Seahawks and the kings of complementary colors the Denver Broncos.  (orange and blue??  dreamy).
I only picked the Broncos because this guy, Eric Decker is very nice to look at.
So as a salute to the Minnesota Vikings who are kind of struggling this year, I bring you my newest favorite color combo.
Lavender and yellow.  No NOT Laker purple and gold….enough of those guys, please, but Lavender and Yellow.
purple yellowpurpl yellow


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