Top 5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Clothes

Mad Men Style Vintage Swing Green Coat
I Love Lucy Swing Coat

Buying vintage clothes is an art form. It is not a matter of simply going to the mall and walking out dressed identically to the mannequin in the window of the big fashion chain stores. In the words of French Courtier Coco Chanel, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”. Vintage guarantees being irreplaceable.

Vintage shopping is like mining for gold. Sometimes you have to dig through a lot of muck to find your treasure! Why do it? Here are the top five reasons for going vintage starting at:

#5 You are recycling! Vintage is green baby! Don’t add to the planet, recycle what’s great! When you buy something that has been lovingly cared for after years of enjoyment, it’s a great feeling. Mass consumerism is one of the great issues facing our society. By reclaiming a great piece of fashion, you not only will look unique, you will have reduced your own carbon footprint by not purchasing a new, ill made piece.
Retro Sexy White Halter Maxi Dress
Liz Taylor Dress
#4 Like great wine, good fashion gets better with age. Style never goes out of style, it survives the test of time. Right now, decades past are being worn on the red carpet and beyond. Bo-Ho Chic, Jackie O and seventies disco is all the rage on the runways of the world. The latest designers are always trying to copy vintage, but there is no substitute for the original. Take that Marc Jacobs!
#3 Support the good ole USA, along with France, England and Italy, where the clothes made were of a quality that is unsurpassed. This also means, no sweatshops in third world countries at the expense of vulnerable and poverty stricken people.
#2 Vintage is CHEAP! In price, not quality. If you are brave, have the time and the patience, you can go to thrift shops, such as the Goodwill, Out of the Closet and The American Way. You have to do some digging, but the prices are next to nothing and you are helping the charity involved with the sale of the clothes. Even if you decide to head for the local vintage store, or shop online at ebay or others, you are still going to pay a fraction of the original price or of a comparable (if there is such a thing) new item.
#1 Vintage is ORIGINAL! You will never worry about wearing the same thing as anybody else. Who needs the mall?? People with no style, that’s who. With vintage you are unique and it shows in what you wear! Don’t walk into your prom wearing the dress you thought was extraordinary and find out it was ordinary.. Why take the chance? Go vintage, and in the words of Coco Chanel, you’ll be ‘irreplaceable’.

Vintage 70's Two Piece Women's Pant Suit
Carol Brady Pant Suit


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