6 Notes to My Younger Self

#1.  You really were as cute as people told you you were.  In your next life, believe it and just take the frickin compliment!

#2.  If you spent as much time hugging books as you did hugging boys, you would have been a Rhodes Scholar.

#3 NEVER EVER EVER sell your cars.  Now they are ‘classics’ you can’t afford to buy!

#4 Mullets and perms are NOT okay.  (although geometric shaped pink earrings are timeless.)

Doctor —————^
#5 Always be nice to everyone.  You never know who is going to grow up to become a doctor or a lawyer.

#6  Wear a bikini, even if you think you are fat.  You are not and when you are older you won’t be able to pull it off this well…at all.


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