Love Gives us a Fairytale

I’m going to get personal for a moment.  Since I probably only have about 3 visitors a day to this blog (and 2 of them are spammers), I feel safe to say what I need to.

I came across this pin the other day and it describes my life perfectly at the moment.


Now, I was never the kind of girl who wanted to grow up and be a princess.  Oh, I liked my Disney stuff, but I just never thought that was for me.   I did all the right things as I embarked into adulthood.  Got married, bought a house, had kids.  I was a soccer mom, a room mom, a stay at home mom.  I pulled my hair out and spanked bottoms and wiped food encrusted faces.
I car pooled, I went to Back to School Nights, I filled out all those forms on the first day of school for YEARS!  I cried when they were sad, I got mad at them when they were brats, I drove them to get their drivers licenses and then I drove them to airports when they went away to school.

I have no regrets about this.  Even though at 50 I am semi unemployable because I don’t have a Bachelors Degree and years of work experience.  I am quite convinced that I did the right thing for me and my kids.  I always wanted to do the right thing.

And then, one day in late summer, my ‘ordinary’ life changed forever and almost like I was being sucked into another dimension I ended up right here.  Right here in my childhood hometown.  I walk the streets at night and I remember.  I hear the call of the train and I remember.  At 7:00 AM the first airplane takes off, signaling morning for me.

On that day in late summer, the man that had been my first love came back in my life.  Last I had checked he was a boy and a distant, albeit happy memory.  What I came across was instant, amazing and deep.  It only gets better with him.  I am waiting for the infatuation to wear off, but, it’s only getting stronger.  It’s love.  It’s a fairytale.  A little fractured, but hey, I was never one for Cinderella as I said before.

So we live in a money pit  house, and the reverse happened.  Instead of moving to a castle with my prince, I left a big house with a pool and a jacuzzi and a bitchin new Fisher Paykal dishwasher, but I have never looked back.   I lost friends along the way.  Some people cannot be happy for you, when they are so unhappy and suffering in their own life. For those friends, I have great compassion and sympathy.  I know what it was like to live without passion and love.

But I don’t have to anymore and for that I am so grateful and joyful.  Life is beautiful…Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.


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