Ugly Cabinet(s) The Story Never Ends!

What is it with me and ugly cabinets, nightstands, end tables, etc?  I just cannot walk away when I see one of these ugly baby poop brown, 70’s style pieces of furniture.

This one is so ugly…someone left on the street in West Hollywood….maybe they knew someone else would be able to do something…anything with it.    I have big plans for this baby.  I love when I find something on the street.  That means I can actually go buy some cool hardware for it and not be invested in a money pit.  I’m looking forward to seeing this one finished.

Living on the streets can be tough!

As for this one.   Look at those beautiful almost gothic lines!  How could I resist this?  Got this at the American Cancer Society Thrift Shop for $10.00.  It’s actually a very quality piece of furniture.  It’s beautifully made and is SOLID!  I’m going to really enjoy this one when it’s finished.   Of course…I will post the reveals!!
This one is like an old movie star, past her prime.  She just needs a little nip and tuck…a good hair cut, some Botox, a Microdermabrasion……oh you get the point.  But soon.  soon…she’ll be Red Carpet Ready.


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