Make Your Bed, Make Your Day

I just read this great article on Apartment Therapy about how making your bed can lead to happiness!  I absolutely agree with this!  I started making my bed when I moved to the Little Cinderblock House, mainly because it’s a pass through room to get to the back yard and my office, so I wanted it to look and feel in order.

In my Big House in the Suburbs, I never made the bed, because it was all the way upstairs and I never went up there unless to shower and sleep.

I so enjoy my tiny little bedroom when it’s all clean and tidy.  Right now it’s a big fat mess because I cleared out a closet, but I STILL made the bed.

It’s a great challenge to anyone who doesn’t do it regularly.  Productivity, prosperity and peace by doing an easy task every day.  I say it’s worth it.

Winston enjoying my made bed!


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