This is Home

Having grown up in the Los Angeles area, I didn’t always appreciate it’s unique and strange character.    The mix of Hollywood has always added a surreal element, but it’s more than that.   I think it’s the juxtaposition of beauty and ugly that makes Los Angeles the coolest, yet wackiest of all major cities.  The vast expanses of open spaces, the ugly squat mini malls on every corner.  The near perfect weather, the smog.  The freedom of freeways, the frustration of traffic.  The mountains, the ocean, the desert.  The gritty ghettos of the Valley and the sad emptiness of downtown.  The Mexican food!!  Oh Lord, the Mexican food on small trucks, in tiny shacks,  in gaudy restaurants named VIVA!  Granada!   Los Carnitas!   The Angeline sightings!  The coyote sightings!  There is always something calling me back here to the El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles!  My hometown!

Gelato in Silverlake at Sunset Junction

Rural Path in Calabasas

The Pacific Ocean

Westwood from the Getty

Scary Clown in NoHo

9-11 Tribute Pepperdine University in Malibu

View of Downtown The Way Most People See It.  On a Freeway

Amazing summer sunset Chandler Bike Path  Burbank

Cool Mid Century Motel The Tangerine  Toluca Lake

Pierce College Woodland Hills

Alley walk way in Venice

Art and Flowers Chandler Bike Path North Hollywood

Bench on the Bike Path NOHO

Board at First Point  Malibu, Ca

Malibu Surfers and Pier

Contemplating  Santa Monica, CA

Paramount Pictures  Hollywood CA

Hollywood Forever Cematary Hollywood CA

Griffith Park Observatory  Los Feliz

Griffith Park Observatory Los Feliz

Sign and Fence  CBS Studios  Studio City


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