The Corgi’s Stole The Show @2012 OLympics!

Everywhere I look today, the news is the same….The Corgi’s absolutely stole the show at the 2012 Opening Ceremonies in London.  Of course this comes as no surprise to me!  I mean c’mon….they’re adorable, funny, and smart.  The Queen and I have known this for some time.

So, it was with absolute glee and happiness that I watched the ceremonies along with the rest of the planet.   I was actually lucky enough to be in London in 2006 when the announcement came that the city was going to be the next host.  The whole town went wild!  Londoners seemed to be super excited and happy about the honor.

I’ve since been to London two more times and every time I got I fall a little bit more in love with the place.  Some of my most favorite pics of myself, Caitlin and the city.

Me and Ben

Caitlin, River, Eye

One of my best photos ever.  Very proud of this shot.


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